We are a non-profit organisation located in Purranque, in Chile’s Región de Los Lagos, founded in 2011 with the aim of promoting equestrian art throughout our country, with 3 main objectives: culture, education and sport.  This is all done via outreach of the tradition of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, whose central focus is Haute École.


We created a partnership with the Spanish Riding School of Vienna to be the only representatives of the classical Lipizzan horse in the Americas. We have set ourselves up as a genetic preserve of this breed, and our products are registered under the Piber Stud Book in Austria. The Lipizzan International Federation (LIF) recognizes us as the only country in Latin America that has become part of this organisation.


“We are representatives of the equestrian history and teachings of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna in Latin America”.


Through all their daily duties, our employees demonstrate the discipline, commitment, respect and loyalty they feel towards their horses as well as towards their colleagues. The welfare of the Lipizzan horse projects the hard work and team effort that is achieved at the Escuela Clásica Lipizzana where we seek to maintain a pleasant working environment, for both our employees and our horses.